This is the First Traditional Muay Thai 35 Min Circuit Workout.

Our MUAYFIT-program is a fantastic cardio/strengthen intensive workout that consists of PUNCES. KICKS, KNEES & ELBOWS.

MUAYFIT brings the fantastic sport/martial art of Muay Thai – Thai Kickboxing to the modern era of fitness. Muay Thai is known as the art of 8 limbs,HAND-ELBOW-KNEE-FOOT Muayfit is an incredible 35min workout that strengthens the entire body. Its designed to build and expose Strength, Endurance, Courage and Heart.

You will go threw 10 different stations.
Each station will change daily so the workouts are never the same. You will train like a professional fighter but never get hit.

Station 1. Warmup

Station 2. Skipping

Station 3. Punch Elbow (different combinations daily)

Station 4. Strength Exercise (new everyday)

Station 5. Knees (different combinations daily)

Station 6. Strength Exercise (new everyday)

Station 7. Push Kick (different combinations daily)

Station 8. Pad Training (intense drills with trainer)

Station 9. Swing Kick (different combinations daily)

Station 10. All Weapons (use all 8 limbs in combination)

After completion YOU will be fatigued but empowered. This will literally change you life.

Here at Muayfit we provide a safe and welcoming environment. You will leave happy and satisfied.

Call us at 905-235-MUAY (6829)